Our over 40 years of experience shows in our process. From the Engineering to the final output, your custom order is produced, labled and stacked with your needs in mind to so you get your on-time and as expected.

At Panel Truss, we start with our engineers. We meticulously go over your plans to make sure that every cut is on point. Before we start production will be invite you or your contractors to come in and make sure that everything possible has been accounted for. 

After approval your order will quickly enter production, going from our engineers to our planning department who will break the order down and route the plans to the appropriate locations. Our computerized saws will cut the bulk of the order to exact specifications, label each piece of the order and your order will be individually stacked on a designated cart before going to the production line. 

Once on the production line your order will be placed on our automated jig table to make sure that your floor truss, roof truss, beam, door or window component are assembled perfectly to match the agreed upon schematics. After assembly, your order will be pressed twice using our automated roller systems to ensure each plate is well connected. 

After production, each piece will be stacked together with the job label to match your onsite schematics to make from small scale to large scale production even easier. These pieces will remain together until your order is ready for shipping. 

Once ready for shipping your order will be placed on one of our reliable Truss Ops trucks to make sure you receive your order at the designated time and location. 


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