Panel Truss Henderson, Texas

In 2001, Panel Truss moved to its current primary facility at 700 Kilgore Drive in Henderson, Texas, about 25 miles south of Longview, the original location. The primary improvements were constructed at that time with assistance from the Henderson Economic Development Commission. Since 2001, a number of expansions and improvements have been added to the property. The location is ideally suited to serve both the Longview and Tyler MSAs (each with a little over 200,000 in population) for all project types as well as many smaller markets in the east Texas and northwest Louisiana area.
The Henderson plant is on a 14.6-acre site on U.S. 259. The improvements consist of pre-engineered metal buildings used for manufacturing and warehouse, and total approximately 42,000 square feet. The Executive and Administrative offices are located here, housed in modern structures with approximately 10,000 square feet of air-conditioned space. Approximately 2/3 of the site is paved, while the lay down area for finished goods has a stabilized base surface. Truss Ops Trucking, LLC, a separate entity for logistics, is also located at this facility.

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