Panel Truss of Texas, Inc., and its affiliates (“Panel Truss” or “The Company”) is a privately-owned company that designs, engineers, manufactures, and sells structural wooden roof and floor systems. The Company has established an excellent reputation in its nearly 50 years in business and is known for its exceptional quality and customer service. The Company’s products are custom-manufactured to the specific design of a particular structure and are made from yellow pine framing lumber. The Company also sells engineered wood beams and hangers for use with the trusses. Products are used primarily in apartment construction, single-family residential, churches, restaurants, and other commercial structures. 

Panel Truss can provide a complete package to their customers, with the ability to design, engineer, and manufacture building components of the highest quality, and which conform to the load bearing requirements of the various types of structures requiring these components. Pre-manufactured components produced in a controlled environment using processes unavailable with on-site stick-construction can be manufactured to rigid specifications based on the tolerances required.

Panel Truss uses computerized saws that cut the pieces of a truss and move it efficiently to the assembly section, where the lumber is laid out and metal connection plates are “rolled” in. This can be accomplished with relatively inexpensive labor. Furthermore, the plants are near lumber sources in the East Texas and Southeastern U.S. pine forests.


Henry Reynolds and Gordon Willis founded the Company in Longview, Texas in 1968, and operated it successfully for 20 years. In 1988, the founders both passed away, and Donnie Powers acquired the Company from the estates of the deceased partners in May of that year. At the time of Powers’ acquisition of Panel Truss, the annual sales volume was approximately $270,000 per year. In 1992, Donnie’s brother Bo joined the Company and Panel Truss began a long period of growth and profitability.  By 1999, the Company had outgrown its facilities in Longview, and began looking for larger facilities and a better geographic location from which to serve its customers. Nearby Henderson, Texas fit those criteria, and in return for employing a significant number of people from the community, the Rusk County Economic Development Authority agreed to build the Company’s headquarters and manufacturing facilities at virtually no cost to Panel Truss. In 2001, the Company moved its operations from Longview, Texas to Henderson, about 25 miles south, into a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility on over 16 acres.

Panel Truss History
Company Founded

Henry Reynolds and Gordon Willis founded the company in Longview, Texas in 1968, and operated it successfully for 20 years.

Panel Truss History
Donnie Powers

Donnie Powers acquired the Company from the estates of past partners in 1988. 

Panel Truss History
Bo Joins

Donnie's brother Bo joined the Company in 1992.

Panel Truss History
Company Moves

In 2001, the company moved its operations from Longview, Texas to Henderson, Texas about 25 miles south.

Panel Truss History
New Facilities

Panel Truss acquires more facilities in Hearne and Dallas, Texas Oakwood, Georgia and Townville, South Carolina. 

Panel Truss History
Company Grows

Donna Stockton and Dickie Vail join Panel Truss management. 


At Panel Truss we believe our strongest asset is our people. We’re a company that believes in family values and we live by the golden rule.

We work together as a well oiled team. From our Management to our Engineers to our Plant managers and Crew. We take pride in our work and products.

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